Enhancing health. Sustaining our planet.

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Inspired by nature.

Perfected by science.

Natural products play an essential role in manufacturing a range of consumer and industrial products that support human health and well-being. The global pandemic, inflation, climate change, and geopolitical threats have permanently disrupted the global supply of these critical molecules.

At Double Rainbow, we’re harnessing the latest advances in the areas of genomics, metabolomics, and synthetic biology to pioneer the future of natural product manufacturing and improve the health of people and the planet.

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Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, plants have evolved to use sugar as molecule-decoration, making said molecules more soluble and therefore, more potent,” Co-Founder of Double Rainbow Jing-Ke Weng says. “This has created a tremendously unexplored opportunity for medical innovation."


A new class of sustainable therapeutics and nutraceuticals born from nature’s blueprint.

Our values are what ground us, keep us connected, and help us balance human health with long-term sustainability.

01 Diversity

We believe a diverse system is an innovating system, a thriving system. We delight in cross-disciplinary partnerships that advance our thinking, our science, our reach.

02 Harmony

We believe homeostasis is the optimal state. We take pride in balancing the ancient and the modern, the natural and the lab-made.

03 Wonder

We believe awe is a scientific responsibility. We embrace complexity. We uphold the wisdom of the wild and the intricacies of engineering.

04 Precision

We believe in the power of systems, structures, and specificity. The earth has its rules, and we honor them along with our own scientific and technological expertise.