Inspired by nature. Perfected by science.

01 Ambition

Ensuring the health, wellness, and vitality of all beings, all ecosystems

As citizens of this earth, we have a moral responsibility: To learn from mother nature, to take as little as necessary, and to do what we can to ensure her longevity and vitality — because our own depends on it. 

At Double Rainbow, we are harnessing the power of natural evolution through bioengineering to improve the quality of human health and ensure the sustainability of our planet.

  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Creating a durable and sustainable supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

  • Consumer health

    Delivering sustainable access to rare or endangered consumer health ingredients 

  • Ag Tech

    Bioengineering solutions to address the growing threat of global food insecurity

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"Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, plants have evolved to use sugar as molecule-decoration, making said molecules more soluble and therefore, more potent,” Co-Founder of Double Rainbow Jing-Ke Weng says. “This has created a tremendously unexplored opportunity for medical innovation.

02 Platforms

2.1 Molecular Biosynthesis Platform


Through our molecular biosynthesis platform, HARMONY, we decode the biosynthetic pathways of valuable bioactive compounds and sustainably recreate them through synthetic biology. Creating new opportunities to promote human health, food security, and the long-term sustainability of our planet.

Fig A. HARMONY decodes all kingdoms of life, re-creating natural synthesis pathways in bioengineered cell factories to deliver valuable molecules and create opportunities to enhance their efficacy through strategic modifications.

2.2 Enzyme Modification Platform


Our enzyme modification platform, PRISM, we leverage our unprecedented enzyme library to link natural or synthetic medicines to our functional glyco motifs to improve their specificity and efficacy — ultimately delivering safer, more effective medicines to patients around the world.

Fig B. PRISM searches our proprietary enzyme library to identify the best enzyme and best sugar motif to glycosylate novel, existing or previously abandoned medicinal compounds.

03 Opportunity

Engineering the future 

of human health.

At Double Rainbow, we are harnessing the power of synthetic biology to revolutionize the global supply of natural products and deliver transformative solutions to address areas of high unmet need in health care. Through our world-leading expertise in bioengineering and our proprietary platforms, we are pioneering the future of sustainable natural product manufacturing and novel glyco-drug conjugate technology to promote the health of people and the planet.

04 Impact

Utilizing nature’s ingenuity 

without destroying it.

Our technology helps to preserve our world’s most valuable and vulnerable natural resources from overexploitation while reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural and food production to deliver a new age of vitality for both people and the planet.

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Redefining what it means to be well. 

Restoring life. Restoring health. Restoring harmony.

05 Our Partners

Creating new ways to coexist with nature and with each other.

Our ongoing development efforts are supporting the ecosystems on which we and all other species depend. Alongside our partners, we are working to promote human health, food security, and quality of life worldwide.

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Join our mission to ensure the sustainability of our planet.