Inspired by nature. Perfected by science.

01 Ambition

We’re creating a new era of precision medicine by pioneering novel glyco therapeutics.

Within nature, complex sugars, also known as glycans, are key components of all biological systems. These natural sugars work to control fundamental biological processes, and malfunctioning sugars are a hallmark of human disease. 

At Double Rainbow, we are leveraging the critical role of glycans in human biology to bioengineer a new class of glyco-drug conjugates (GDC) and deliver the next generation of precision medicines.

  • Delivery

    Create novel delivery mechanisms to traditionally hard-to-target areas

  • Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology

    Expand the efficacy of new and existing immuno-oncology therapeutics

  • Novel Pathways

    Reinventing therapeutic strategies for treating devastating neurological disorders

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"Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, plants have evolved to use sugar as molecule-decoration, making said molecules more soluble and therefore, more potent,” Co-Founder of Double Rainbow Jing-Ke Weng says. “This has created a tremendously unexplored opportunity for medical innovation.

02 Platforms

01 Enzyme Modification Platform


Our enzyme modification platform, PRISM, we leverage our unprecedented enzyme library to link natural or synthetic medicines to our functional glycosugar motifs to improve their specificity and efficacy — ultimately delivering safer, more effective medicines to patients around the world.

Fig A. PRISM searches our proprietary enzyme library to identify the best enzyme and best sugar motif to glycosylate novel, existing or previously abandoned medicinal compounds.

02 Molecular Biosynthesis Platform


Through our molecular biosynthesis platform, HARMONY, we decode the biosynthetic pathways of valuable bioactive compounds and sustainably recreate them through synthetic biology. We can then enhance or expand their therapeutic potential by combining them with our revolutionary glyco motifs to form novel GDCs to address areas of high unmet medical need.

Fig B. HARMONY decodes all kingdoms of life, re-creating natural synthesis pathways in bioengineered cell factories to deliver valuable molecules and create opportunities to enhance their efficacy through strategic modifications.

03 Opportunity

How functional glyco technology could transform modern medicine

At Double Rainbow, we are harnessing the critical role of glycans in human disease to design novel strategies for targeting a range of devastating conditions. Using our world-leading expertise in bioengineering and our proprietary platforms we are creating functional glyco technology to deliver life-changing medicines.

04 Impact

Our first-generation GDCs

As we advance our technology and knowledge of functional sugar motifs, our first-generation GDCs are demonstrating the potential to address common hurdles in drug development.

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Ultimately, we believe our platforms will enable us to deliver transformative glyco therapeutics that meaningfully improve survival and quality of life for people living with cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

06 Our Pipeline

Expanded utility. Expanded efficacy. Exponentially more lives saved.

Our ongoing drug discovery efforts have identified a number of promising candidates, poised to enter a new phase of evaluation.

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Partner with us on our mission to deliver transformative therapies.